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Harris Race Radios Shop > Race Radio Systems & Parts > Noise Canceling Headsets > Mission Control Professional Multi Channel Headset
  • 6 programmable PTT channel buttons for Multiple cars/ Crew or talk groups.
  • Featherweight Carbon Fibre construction.
  • Active Noise Cancelling powered from radio.
  • Home PTT button
  • Bluetooth activation connect to your Smart phone or Bluetooth Intercom.
  • Extra comfort headband.
  • Supper comfort Pilots ear covers.
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone.
  • Professional Motorola cable for direct connection to Motorola DP4800e digital radio.
  • Ear cups made with 100% Carbon Fiber
  • 150ohm flex boom mic with excellent noise attenuation properties.
  • These come with the strongest cabling available ensuring minimal failures.
  • Weighs only 256g (9.03oz or .56lbs)
  • For use with 1 portable radio

Note radio not included, this headset will only work with Motorola DP4800e series radios.

The Ultimate Professional Radio/ headset combination for Race Engineer of a multi race car team with separate motorsport communications to crew.

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