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How to Programme GT Members one-way Receivers

These GT Members One-way receivers will come preprogrammed to the frequencies you need to race at Hampton Downs, Highlands Park, and Taupo International Motorsport Park. However here is your handy guide if you accidentally change any buttons and need to put it back to its original programme to use at these tracks.

GT Club members race radio one way receiver blue with earpieces

How To Programme

  1. Press on/off Button
  2. Press on/off button 1 time until the CH on the screen is blinking
  3. Press the down or up arrow until you reach 455.1687 with a small 5 at the end
  4. Press on/off Button
  5. Press on/off Button
  6. Click 2 (repeat steps 2 – 5)
  7. Click 3 (repeat steps 2 – 5)
  8. Your reciever is progammed, ENJOY!