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How to make the difference on the Track


Prisma Electronics creates advanced electronic instruments for racing, Our state-of-the-art digital tire pressure / temperature gauges technology helps teams gain a competitive edge in top motorsport championships. Like Ferrari Challenge, GP2, and World Superbike Championship. Trust in our reliability and performance for success on the track.

From karting to the Ferrari Challenge, GP2, GP3, World Superbike championship, WEC, Le Mans series.

The first step is to identify which instrument is best suited for your needs. There are different types of tire gauges that can be used during track testing. It’s not always enough to have a precise digital pressure gauge. By reading the Pressure and evaluating the variation during the track test. Making it possible to understand the performance of the tires. For example, if the pressure has risen significantly, the tires have probably gone out of the correct temperature range. To better understand the tire contact patch, it is necessary to measure the temperature at the 3 characteristic points. Inner – Middle – Outer. Now, with Prisma Electronic digital pressure and Temperature gauge it is possible to optimize the tire contact patch in order to optimize their performance.

Prisma Electronic Digital Tire pressure / temperature gauge

HPM4X Tire Pressure gauge
Probe type Tire temperature measurement with needle probe sensor in the Le Mans series
Infrared Tire temperature compound measurement with infrared sensor

Our electronic instruments not only collect data accurately but also offer additional features. One standout feature is the ability to save the data, enabling a comprehensive analysis of performance trends over time. This detailed information empowers our clients to make well-informed strategic decisions. In competitive fields like motorsport, having access to such data analytics can make a significant impact on success.

Tire pressure gauge with Infrared Sensor used by IRON LYNX Racing Team

Once you have selected the appropriate instrument, it is essential to understand how to use it effectively. Prisma Electronics provides user-friendly software that allows you to easily analyze the data collected during a race or test session. By identifying trends and anomalies, you can make adjustments to your vehicle’s setup and improve your lap times.

tire-pressure-resumed-on-the-display prisma electronic digital pressure gauge
Pressures showed on the display to check the vehicle setup
temperatures-resumed-on-the-display stopwatch
Tire temperatures showed on the display to check the vehicle setup

Prisma Tire gauge used in the World Championship

Prisma Electronics instruments are designed specifically for motorsport. They are durable, accurate, and can handle tough conditions on the track.

We aim to create exceptional products that help our customers excel on the race circuit.

prisma electronic digital tire tyre pressure gauge
Prisma Tire gauge used in the Moto E World Championship

To make a difference with Prisma Electronics instruments in motorsport, choose the right instrument, learn how to use it effectively, and rely on its reliability. By following these steps, you can improve your performance and achieve your goals on the track.

Make your more suitable choice to get the best performance on the track Prisma electronic digital Tire pressure / temperature gauge