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Motorola Motorsport Digital Radio Dp4801E

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Updated frontrunner with both digital and analogue support for the Best in Motorsport radios, designed to work with Harris Race Radios Mission control Professional Digital Multi Channel Headset.

Waterproof radio that provides access to digital opportunities not available before.





About Motorola DP4800e/DP4801e

If you need to use all opportunities provided by digital two-way radio technology you need a radio “without” limits. Motorola DP4800e/DP4801e is such a radio.

The large color display with dynamic backlight provides access to incoming data like text messages, job tickets or even e-mail. The full keypad enables the user to wright messages, navigate menus or dial number if the system is connect to a PBX.

Together with Mototrbo’s large ecosystem of productivity increasing data applications Motorola DP4800e and DP4801e provide increased possibilities for streamlined communications.

The Enhanced DP4000e series

The most advanced range of portable two-way radios has evolved even further. The complete range has been upgraded from the inside and out and now definitely provides access to most of what digital two-way radio technology has to offer.

Even better radio performance

The acoustics have been tuned in the e-series and the audio quality is now more even in all environments thanks to improved audio processing, speaker and noise cancelling. With up to 8% longer reach the calls can also be answered further from the base stations.

The new Enhanced versions are also more energy efficient than their predecessors or more precisely, they are operational at a lower current than previous models. This means that a battery can keep it running longer before recharge. In practice this results in an operational time of up to 28h (5/5/90) with a high capacity battery using the new low voltage technology.

Naturally the DP4000e has kept the smart features that made the predecessors successful, like Intelligent Audio, IMPRES technology and so on.

Even more features

Just as the earlier models the Enhanced series also has built in Bluetooth (4.0) that supports both audio headset as well as barcode scanners, ticket printers, etc. They can also be used for indoor positioning using Bluetooth. The radio set to “always visible” which enables so called Bluetooth beacons to detect it when passing. The beacon then relays that information via IP to a dispatch console for instance. The outdoor positioning has also been improved by including support for both GPS and the Russian navigation system GLONASS.

A feature that is completely new is the integrated Wi-Fi, which initially will be useful for over-the-air programming and radio management and for future use of data heavy applications. To support future increases in data load the series internal memory has doubled.


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Motorola DP4800e

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