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External antenna aerial adapter and UHF or VHF Ducky XL Antenna for Direct connect to Motorola Digital Motorsport handheld radios and behind the head communication headsets, get extra range, and clarity.

Simply clamp the antenna bracket to the headset as shown in the photo and attach the Ducky antenna.

This headset antenna adapter is perfect for spotters and crew chiefs, increasing your range and transmit levels for your handheld radio.

You may require a BNC Adapter for your particular handheld radio if your existing handheld antenna is not a good option.

BNC Adapters for popular radios:

Motorola DP3400 Motorsport 

Rugged Radios
Vertex Standard VX230 / VX261
Vertex Standard EVX531
HYT & Blackbox
Motorola with adapter

Harris Communications Ltd

Frequency Band


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