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Stilo CMR & KRT Karting Helmets

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Stilo karting CMR and KRT FIA Standard Helmets meet and excide all the latest safety requirements. You can be ensured of the best possible protection. With a wide range of sizes available you can get the perfect fit. FIA CMR and KRT Standard helmet.

Stilo, the Italian powerhouse, is laser-focused on crafting the ultimate motorsport helmets and intercom systems. Their helmet lineup dominates the motorsport sphere, reigning supreme in races, rallies, and karting with FIA CMR & KRT safety approval. Their pursuit of excellence leaves no stone unturned, pushing the boundaries of development. Every feature is honed not just for performance, but also for the utmost driver comfort.

Enter the realm of karting, where adult and junior racers demand helmets compliant with the FIA CMR standard. Stilo’s CMR karting helmets, the pinnacle of this market, stand apart. These helmets shed weight compared to their motorsport counterparts, reducing strain on neck muscles and propelling race performance to new heights.

CMR FIA & KRT Karting Helmets

The mandate of CMR helmets is clear: they’re essential for many go-karting races. Stilo, the undisputed leader, extends its unwavering commitment to junior drivers, echoing the precision found in their F1-grade helmets.

Behold a trove of karting helmet accessories, allowing personalization that mirrors your kart’s aesthetics. Your karting race overalls will find a perfect match.

Decoding Karting Helmets

Karting helmets are engineered for unyielding head and facial protection. But they go further, ensuring unobstructed visibility and lavish comfort. Leading this charge in karting helmets is none other than Stilo.

Stilo, an Italian stalwart with a three-decade legacy, crafts these helmets with an unyielding focus on K racers. Cutting-edge technology and avant-garde materials guarantee safety and performance pushed to their most aggressive limits.

One of the key features of Stilo karting helmets is their lightweight construction. These helmets are made with advanced composites and fibres that are specifically chosen for their strength and lightness. This makes them much easier to wear for extended periods of time. Which is important for racers who may be competing in multiple races over a single weekend.

Another key feature of Stilo helmets is their aerodynamic design. Feature large visors that provide maximum visibility and allow the racers to see the track clearly at all times.

Stilo FIA approved helmets

In addition to their advanced design and construction, Stilo CMR & KRT kart helmet standard also meet or exceed all relevant safety standards. Certified to the latest FIA CMR standard and are tested to ensure that they can withstand the impact of a crash. This means that racers can trust that their Stilo helmet.  Will provide the protection they need in the event of an accident.

Stilo also offers a wide range of different helmets to choose from. They have models for both juniors and seniors, and different designs and colors to suit different preferences. This way. Racers can choose a helmet that not only provides the protection they need but also suits their personal style.Stilo ST5 CMR karting helmet

Lastly, Stilo also offers a variety of accessories for their helmets Such as visors, tear-offs, and helmet bags, allowing the racers to customize their helmets to their needs.

In conclusion, Stilo is a leading brand in the market. Known for their high-quality, advanced designs and construction. Their helmets are lightweight, aerodynamic, and meet or exceed all relevant safety standards. They also offer a wide range of different models and accessories to choose from. Making them an excellent choice for anyone participating in karting.

Questions ?

What helmet do I need for junior karting?

For drivers under 15 a lighter weight, CMR homologated helmet will be required for most karting series’. The Stilo CMR is one of the lightest and best on the market.

Can I use a motorcycle helmet for karting?

Some sanctioned karting events require CMR homologated helmets so a motorcycle helmet will not be accepted for race use.

Harris Race Radios is the Stilo Helmet dealer for New Zealand, for your FIA CMR and KRT Standard helmet.