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Easily talk to passengers, connect to a two-way radio, answer phone calls, and stream music through your phone. Rugged Radios offers a range of race and play recreational or Racing intercoms only make in-car communication easy! Rugged Radios offers a diverse range of systems designed to enhance communication. And provide entertainment experiences for a variety of activities. Whether you’re racing, off-roading, or simply enjoying recreational rides. Rugged Radios have you covered with their intercom solutions.

One of their offerings is the fully-featured 696 recreation intercom. This intercom not only allows you to easily communicate with passengers but also offers seamless pairing with Ride Command. Providing a convenient way to integrate Radio communication into your vehicle’s system. Additionally, the 696 has the capability to record audio directly to a GoPro. Providing an immersive audio-visual experience for content creators sharing their adventures on platforms like YouTube. Connect direct to your cell phone or other device using Bluetooth.

Only the very best in full on Racing and Recreational intercoms.

For those engaged in extreme offroad racing, Rugged Radios offers the industry-leading 6100 intercom. This is designed to deliver powerful performance at a competitive level and is tailored for vehicles like Trophy Trucks, Class 1, and Ultra4 vehicles. With its versatile and feature-packed design, the RRP6100 caters to the needs of serious racers seeking a top-tier communication solution.

Overall, Rugged Radios offer a comprehensive lineup of intercom systems that cater to a variety of scenarios, whether you’re working, racing, or enjoying recreational activities. Their emphasis on seamless communication, integration with technology like Ride Command and GoPro, and their focus on performance and versatility makes their systems an appealing choice for those looking to enhance their in-car communication and entertainment experiences.

Work, Race, Or Play; our intercoms do it all!