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Rugged Radios introduces the feature packed and ready to race Rugged Radios RRP5100 radio intercom. Built on the same platform as the Rugged radios RRP6100, the Rugged Radios RRP5100 is identical intercom as our Rugged Radios RRP6100 but in a square housing.

The key feature of the Rugged Radios RRP5100 intercom is the ability to turn Side Tone on or off. With the flip of a switch, Side Tone can instantly be turned off. This option dramatically reduces background noise, allowing the driver and co-driver to communicate clearer.

Additional features include a Driver Isolate Switch. Turned “ON”, all radio communications will be directed to the co-driver, allowing the driver to focus on driving. Dual volume controls allow independent volume adjustments for driver/co-driver. The internal amplifier gain allows the audio levels to be adjusted for any race application. Whether you have ear buds, low ohm or high ohm speakers, the audio levels can be set for your personal preference.

Built on a transformer based circuitry and wrapped in the Rugged radios exclusive Total Shielded Housing, the Rugged Radios RRP5100 is protected against RF interference for the highest level of audio performance. Surface mount internal microphone level control pots allows virtually any type of dynamic mic to be matched to the desired noise level. These adjustments allow clear communications in the most extreme race environments.

The Rugged Radios RRP5100 is 2-way radio ready and will accept handheld or mobile units. The rear AUX port provides a wide range of additional options including: music, smart phones, RePlay and GoPro cameras, GPS, or satellite phones. Rugged Quick Lock adapters and jumper cables sold separately.

The Rugged Radios RRP5100 Intercom delivers powerful performance on a competitive level. Developed for extreme offroad race vehicles, the RRP5100 is the intercom for Trophy Trucks, Class 1, and Ultra4. Versatile and feature packed — the Rugged Radios RRP5100 is ultimate race intercom.

Harris Race Radios supplied Rugged Radio RRP5100 Intercom Features:
2 place intercom with dual 3.5 watt amplifiers
• Switchable Side Tone (on/off)
Driver Isolate switch (on/off)
• Independent driver/co-driver volume control
• Interface to satellite phone, smart phone, GPS, in-car cameras and XM radio
• Power transmit LED and Stuck Mic Indicator

This intercom can be equipped with optional DSP Chips (Digital Speech Processors) which dramatically eliminate background noise while re-sampling your voice, delivering clearer voice communications. For DSP product details. Please note, the Rugged Radios RRP5100 requires (2) DSP Chips. If you wish to add DSP Chips to your intercom

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