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Harris Race Radios, brings you Rugged Radios RRP5050 intercom. For the driver that splits seat-time between racing & playing, we’ve got you covered with the NEW Rugged Radios RRP5050 5050 Intercom. This intercom was designed for the no-frills racer who wants a reliable race intercom that can also be used for a joy ride. With the Rugged Radios RRP5050 intercom, you get the best of both worlds at a cost-effective price intercom form Harris Race Radios.

This 2-place intercom incorporates two 3.5-watt amplifiers allowing the driver and co-driver to have separate volume controls. A 3.5mm music port on the face of the RRP5050 Intercom allows you to plug in an mp3 player or phone to enjoy music as you ride. Easily talk to other cars in your group by connecting to a 2-way handheld or mobile radio with the built in radio jumper pigtail. Off-road construction and the unique Rugged Intercom shape make this intercom easy to install using the supplied side channel L brackets or one of our optional dash and UTV specific mounting brackets.

Engineered for high-noise environments, the RRP5050 intercom is a versatile unit that is easy to install in any race truck, UTV or buggy. It’s got your race features, it’s got your play features and it’s ideal for any 50/50 driver. With its versatility and affordable price, you can’t go wrong using this intercom for your in-car communication needs.

Features: rugged radios RRP 5050 intercom

  • Front 3.5mm music port
  • Driver & Co-Driver Volume Control
  • Universal 2-way radio connection
  • Aluminum extrusion housing for total circuit shielding
  • Adjustable depth and angle mounting
  • High output amplifier for outstanding music listening
  • Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
  • Includes mounting brackets, hardware and power cable

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Rugged Radios RRP 5050 intercom race and play
Rugged Radios RRP5050 2-Place Sport & Race Intercom

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Rugged Radios RRP 5050 intercom race and play

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