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DTG open face helmet with Tiger performance Scuba Mask with comms

The DTG open face helmet with Tiger performance Scuba Mask is a specialized piece of equipment designed for Offshore power boat and hydroplane enthusiasts seeking a combination of protection and safety in the event of a crash and turn over. Key features include a durable open face helmet that provides safety and comfort, and a high-performance Tiger Scuba Mask. together with Clear digital radio communications.

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DTG Procomm 4 composite helmets are designed for use with Tiger Performance Scuba masks provide maximum safety, and comfort.  Tiger racing helmet communications provide crystal clear high fidelity, high noise attenuation and high impact protection. Offshore Racing power boats & Hydroplanes needing automatic scuba breathing mask in case of turn over.

The advanced style and aerodynamic design provides superior air circulation throughout the helmet interior.

Tiger Model III Scuba MaskTiger Performance

 T-480 Open Face Scuba mask

Allows for breathing ambient air until roll over or water submersion occurs at which time a built in second stage regulator activates to provide emergency under water breathing.

Military grade and Scuba industry components and construction – The Tiger III Scuba mask is the only racing mask that is fully automatic which activates upon inversion or submersion and deactivates upon resurfacing. No rearming required, ever.

Scuba Mask Measurements Diagram.

The Tiger Scuba mask is compact, lightweight, comfortable and is fully automatic. Allows for breathing ambient air until roll over or water submersion occurs at which time a built in second stage regulator activates providing emergency under water breathing.

The purge button enables pressurizing the mask to evacuate any water that may intrude the mask. Upon surfacing right side up the mask automatically deactivates the scuba regulator allowing ambient air breathing to resume.

The 90 degree swivel hose enables free motion of the Scuba hose and access to the adjustable Scuba valve orifice. The adjustable straps enable proper tensioning of the mask on the face for a comfortable fit and proper watertight seal. The built in microphone provides clear voice communications.

Mask assembly includes:

  • Military Gentex MBU 20P mask shell and face piece
  • Automatic ambient air valve
  • 90 degree swivel hose fitting
  • Push button purge valve
  • Adjustment straps and ratcheting “T” bayonets

Options and accessories include:

  • Ratcheting “J” Bayonets
  • Microphone assembly choices
  • Small diameter braid covered second stage flex hose assembly choices with either stainless steel female quick coupler or stainless steel male nipple
  • Full face helmet straps
  • Helmet hose kit
  • Lightweight helmet bayonet receivers
  • Communication Y cords

Composite Helmet Features:


DTG Helmet with Scuba Mask Receivers – installed

Lightweight Composite construction, 1475 grams

Sun Peak – same color as helmet

Fire Retardant NOMEX Interior

Airflow Ventilations Features

Removable Headliner and Cheek Pads for cleaningDTG Helmet with tiger scuba hydroplane safety mask

Stainless Steel Hardware and Kevlar Chin Strap

M6 Inserts for head and neck restraints

Tiger Mask installation ready

Great Aerodynamics

SNELL SA2020 Certification

Removable Ear Cup Insert Padding for non ear cup applications

Color: orange

Sizes S – M – L – XL – XXL & XXXL

Optional – Pull down visor – Smoke, Iridium


Optional Helmet Communication Features

Helmet Ear Cup Kit Includes:Tiger-DTG-helmet-earpieces-in-helmet

  • Integrated helmet harness with 3′ coiled cord, U174 plug and volume control ready
  • Tiger high impact and sound attenuation rubber ear cups with leatherette or vinyl ear seals
  • 1/8″ ear cup cushion space kit
  • High Fidelity 60mm Speakers

Additional Options

  • Microphone amplifier
  • Mask-Helmet “Y” cable choices
  • Helmet mounted volume control
  • Leatherette/Memory foam ear seal


Motorola UHF or VHF Professional Digital Power Boat Racing Radio System

Harris 2-8 Station Patrol boat & High Performance Marine Intercom Packages. DTG helmet tiger Mask System

Harris 4 Station High Performance Boat Marine Intercom Package

IP68 Rated. Higher Digital intercom communication clarity in a high noise environment.

4 Station High Performance Boat Intercom Package Includes:

    • Panel Mounted Intercom Master Control with Digital Sound Protection, 4 station Intercom able, 4 station radio PTT able
    • (1) 5’ Power Cable with inline ignition noise suppressor and blade style fuse
    • (2) Each 10’ and 20′ plug-in station cable with Nexus 107 series panel jack, bezel and rubber cap
    • cord and AP107 breakaway plug to connect with helmet.




NOTE: Station cable style and length may vary depending on vessel layout and use.



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