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Motorola digital motorsport car racing radio system

This is the Motorola Motorsport full professional Digital UHF radio system designed for professional Motorsport based systems with 135 programmable channels. This system is flat out the best, Ideal for all forms of Racing Clubman’s to professional car racing at any level and for any type of racing, endurance racing, sprint racing, off road, boats etc. who want more range, the ultimate in noise cancelling, and clarity and a big step up from all other systems, #1 car racing digital radios

The system comprises of 2 UHF or VHF Motorola digital radios and private channel digital 135 channel radios, helmet adapter cables, helmet to Radio wiring, PTT Switch, Smart Chargers, Professional Pit Headset, professional external antenna, etc.

We recommend the use of a full private channel license this give the best results, depending on your requirements. We are licensed to issue NZ radio licenses.

The Motorola Professional Digital Motorsport Radio system includes the following.

  • Car: Motorola MotoTrbo Motorsport Digital Radio; with Motorsport firmwear.
  • Car wiring harness; Digital Harris connection, triple screened etc.
  • Interface cable; Digital Interface electronics between the radio and the system.
  • Car Radio holding Box; rugged plastic box that will not interfere with radio RF.
  • PTT switch with cable; 1,000,000 cycle sealed red PTT button, and special twisted pair urethane coil cord and wired with an industry standard 3-pin connector. Either Velcro or through hole mount.
  • Antenna: Harris Race Radios high gain ground plane independent antenna with BNC connector.
  • Car Radio Charger; High speed IMPRES intelligent charger.
  • Pit Motorola MotoTrbo Digital Motorsport radio; with Motorsport firmware systems, programed to your requirements, Automatic monitoring of Race Radio.
  • Harris Race Radios noise cancelling Pit Headset: Carbon look either behind the head or overhead.
  • Harris Race Radios rugged headset cord; with built in digital compatible electronics.
  • Pit Radio Charger; High speed IMPRES intelligent charger.
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Motorola Motorsport Digital High Powered System

Radio Spectrum Management

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 14 cm

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