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Designed to be compatible with the HUB Stands kit, the Toe Stick Pro Kit has been designed from customer feedback and personal use. When using the HUB Stands in conjunction with the String Lines, you can instantly read Toe measurements on each wheel, without having to use a steel rule. Plus, the circular steel disc gives the ability for any magnetic Camber gauge to be attached.

Note this dose not include the HUB Stand

The HUBStands Toe Stick Pro Kit features a pair of sliding, laser-etched
measurement scales that make reading the Toe values quick and simple.
Designed for use on all B-G HUB Stands kit, the Toe Sticks have been
manufactured to work with wheel diameters ranging from 12” to 22”
thanks to the sliding Measurement Scales that are held securely in place
with a pair of knurled thumb screws included with the kit.
Finished with a black anodised coating, the Toe Stick Pro Kit also
includes a set of aluminium Toe Stubs to elevate the Toe Stick off the face
of the hub to clear large brake calipers and grease caps and circular Steel
Plates which mount in the centre line of the hub for use with our range of
magnetic camber measurement gauges.

The Toe Stick Pro Kit is compatible with both the current B-G Racing Hub Stands and previous HUB Stands.

Toe Stick Pro Kit (Set of 2) Includes:
2x Toe Stick Pro, 4x Rules, 4x Toe Stubs, 2x Steel Plates, 8x Thumb Screws

Toe Stick Pro Kit (Set of 4) Includes:
4x Toe Stick Pro, 8x Rules, 8x Toe Stubs, 4x Steel Plates, 16x Thumb Screws

B-G Racing – Clubman Hub Stands Kit

B-G Racing Pro Hub Stands

B-G String Line Kit

B-G Racing Car Setup, Wheel Alignment, Pit Equipment, Steering wheel bosses, mirrors Etc.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 15 × 15 cm
Number of

Set of 2, Set of 4

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