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The AIM Strada Logger Kit will upgrade and turn MX Strada Series Dash systems (MXS 1.2 Strada, MXP Strada or MXG 1.2 Strada) into a full data logger. There is no configuration needed, just connect the Strada logger kit into your dash and it is ready.

The data from your practice sessions or race is recorded to the data logger, and then can be downloaded from the SD card to Race Studio 3 software for analysis. You will be able to review and analyse your data which will help improve you as a driver, and also identify possible improvements in vehicle setup, which could take seconds off lap times. The data is saved on the SD card ( which supports up to 32 GB memory cards), as well as being stored in the logger memory.

  • The memory card can be removed even during a pit stop or with the engine running, so if you are in an endurance race or a long test session your recorded data can be analysed
  • Easy to install into your dash with no configuration. Plug the logger in and it is ready to record your data
  • The Strada Logger features a front LED that displays it’s status when recording data or firmware upgrade status

Included in the complete Strada Logger kit is, the Strada Logger Module, a GPS08 module, 4 port data hub, and a 4GB SD card.

Please note: For those who already own a GPS08 module, the Strada Logger Module and 4 port data hub can be purchased separately.

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Strada Logger Kit

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