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The AiM sport RIO 02 Remote Input/output Module is dedicated to PDM for pushbutton management when the available inputs are not enough, Aim Remote Input/Output Module

AiM Remote Input/Output Module

Key Features:

  • CAN Connections – 1
  • 8 programmable Switch to Batt
  • 11 Switch to ground
  • 2 low side outputs
  • Free race studio 3 download
  • 5 pin 712 male connector
It features :
  • 19 inputs, primarily dedicated to pushbutton management. Easily configure momentary, two-position, and multi-status, with momentary controls for long and short push.
  • 2 Low side , max 2A, Digital Outputs


Technical Specs
  • CAN Connections
  • Inputs: 19 of which  – 8 prog: switch to Batt, Switch to ground, 11 Switch to Ground
  • Dig Outs: 2 Low Side 2 A Max
  • Body: Plastic
  • Connectors: 1 AMP 776087-1 connector
  • Weight: 129g


AiM Remote Input/Output Module

AiM Rio for PDM push button managment


aim sport rio for pdm


AiM Keypad 12 Button Can Interface



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