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PTT Cable with 3 Pin Mini XLR Female Plug

The PTT (Push-To-Talk) cable with a 3-pin mini XLR female plug is a specialized accessory designed for two-way communication systems. Key features include a durable, flexible cable that withstands regular use, and a reliable mini XLR connector. That ensures a secure and stable connection to compatible devices such as harness communication interfaces.

The PTT function allows for quick and easy activation of the microphone. Facilitating instant communication without the need to hold down a button continuously. This product is ideal for users in motorsport where the PTT is bult into the steering wheel PTT communication. Its unique selling points are the combination of high-quality audio transmission, robust construction, and user-friendly operation.

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Presenting the ultimate connection solution for Motorsport professionals and enthusiasts alike. The Premium PTT (Push-To-Talk) Cable with a 3 Pin Mini XLR Female Plug. This high-quality cable captures every word and note with unparalleled audio clarity. And performance due to its design specifically for use in Motorsport car racing.

Mini Female XLR connector with unterminated PTT cable.

Constructed with durability in mind, the PTT cable features a robust, flexible outer jacket that resists tangling and withstands the rigors of on-the-go use. The cable’s length is optimized to provide ample reach without excess slack, making it ideal for motorsport communications.

At one end of the cable, the 3 Pin Mini XLR Female Plug offers a secure and stable connection to a wide range of audio equipment. Including both Digital and analog motorsport 2 way car harnesses.

The plug’s sleek design creates a discreet connection that reduces the chance of unintentional unplugging at crucial times. Its contacts are meticulously crafted using premium materials to provide a stable, clear connection, ensuring the purity of your Push-to-Talk audio signal.

One end terminated in a mini female XLR connector

The other end of the cable features an unterminated end allowing for termination on professional-grade PTT switch connections. Which provides users with instant control over their audio. With a simple press, you can activate or mute your microphone, allowing for seamless communication in broadcast, live sound, and recording scenarios.

The tactile feedback of the switch ensures that you can operate it confidently, even in low-light conditions or when your focus is elsewhere. Add steering  switch provides a touch-sensitive response that allows you to use it with assurance, even when there’s insufficient light or your attention is directed elsewhere.

Simply add a PTT switch.

The combination of the PTT switch and Mini XLR connection offers users both functionality and versatility. If you, as a professional car builder, need quick muting capabilities and a connection to a PDM, we have crafted this cable to surpass your expectations.

Investing in this PTT cable with a 3 Pin Mini XLR Female Plug. Means choosing a product that offers professional-grade quality, exceptional durability. Plus the flexibility to adapt to a multitude of audio setups. Elevate your audio experience with this indispensable tool that stands as a testament to superior design and functionality. Providing you with the reliability and performance that your craft demands.

  • 3 pin mini XLR female connector on one end.
  • unterminated on other end.

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