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This Motorsport New Zealand NZ, MSNZ, 2KCup, Formula Ford Transceiver is a UHF (400 – 500 MHz) transceiver that can be programmed with up to 16 channels. These radios are built tough and come complete with a rechargeable battery that can be charged on a USB charger.

Please note that they are locked to receive only on Speedway NZ Channel.

The Transceiver comes with a 3.5mm adapter cable to allow any standard earphones/headphones to be used.

These are “plug and play” and are ready to go for NZ Speedway, with no programming required. A rechargeable battery is included.

The default programmed channels include:

Channel Description
Motorsport NZ (with CTCSS) CTCSS is a type of security code sent from the race control radio.
Motorsport NZ (No CTCSS) Used if race control is not sending CTCSS tone.
Speedway (Western Springs)
Not Used
Public Radio Service Ch 6
Public Radio Service Ch 7
Public Radio Service Ch 8
Public Radio Service Ch 9
Public Radio Service Ch 10
Public Radio Service Ch 11
Public Radio Service Ch 12
Public Radio Service Ch 13
Public Radio Service Ch 14
Public Radio Service Ch 15
Public Radio Service Ch 16

We will program the Transceiver for FREE if you purchase it from us.

MSNZ, by default, requires CTCSS to be used. Some incorrectly configured track radios do not have CTCSS set correctly. This is what CH2 is used for.

Please note in your order if you would like the Transceiver to come with the public channels.

Harris Speedway Transceiver – RSM NZ Approved

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One Way Speedway Tranceiver

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