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Pumper helmet air hose HARRIS Motorsport, drifting and offroad Heavy Duty Flexible Hose for helmet air, Connect your Parker Pumper Harris pumper Air ready helmet direct to the fresh air source.

Available in Clear, Black or Silver

Tips for helmet air hose length:

  • Leave yourself a little slack so you have plenty of room to turn your head.
  • If ordering a dual, order 2′ longer than the first hose. (4ft, 6ft, 8ft ).
  • If you’re mounting the Harris Air directly behind your seat, 3′ is normally a good length.
  • If you’re mounting the Harris Air Pump in between seats, 4′ and 6′ are good lengths.
  • If you’re trying to determine lengths for a 4 seater and mounting the Harris Air in the back of the vehicle, 8′  are common lengths.
  • The hoses can be shortened. The glue is a little tough to untwist, but it can be done. We recommend shortening on the motor side, not the helmet side.
  • Motorsport, Enduro, Drifting, and offroad hose to get fresh air to your helmet.
  • Parker Pumper air hose


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Great service as always!

Helmet air hose for offroad
Harris Driver Helmet Air Hose

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Helmet air hose for offroad

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