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AiM Sports Infrared Belt Temperature System (IBTS). Gauge and also an infrared sensor, is a simple, reliable way for monitoring the temperature of the UTV transmission belt.

Installation is quick aswell as easy.

Everything right under control





 Infrared Belt Temperature Guage Information

The infrared belt temp gauge has all the information you need right there. The colour screen shows various information such as battery voltage and also belt temperature, while the multi-function buttons allow for easy navigation. On the reverse side you have an input for power, CAN, and also the infrared temperature sensor.





Temperature control

You can set two temperature threshold limits:

  • One for a warning
  • One for the alarm

The temperature level is indicated in three colors. White (all ok), yellow (warning), and red (temperature is over set limit).





 Test history

This little gadget is quite smart. The AiM Sports Infrared Belt Temperature System gives you the option to see the data from the last 25 tests online, given that each session was longer than two minutes but shorter than five hours. This way, you’ll be able to track any changes you’ve made.



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AiM Belt temp guage

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