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P1 Racewear

P1 racewear - Female Suits

P1 Advanced Racewear

P1 Advanced Racewear: products are race proven by professionals. 100% handmade and made in Italy, You can’t go wrong with P1 Racewear. Customisation, made to measure we do it all.

The Best Racewear!

Harris Race Radios are the only New Zealand distributor of P1 Racewear. This is an FIA standard racewear that is made in Italy. We offer standard P1 Racewear off the shelve products as well as custom gear too suit your team.

P1’s founder Enrico Glorioso started his rally career in 1971, when he was just 18. Taking advantage of his large experience and knowledge of the motorsport world and drivers’ needs (certainly more than 300000 FIA approved suits manufactured) he decided in 2010 to develop a new brand and range of technically advanced fireproof suits to innovate the racewear business.

Focused solely on racewear, P1 have quickly become a leading player in the racewear industry thanks to a lifetime experience and desire to understand driver’s needs.

Despite the health emergency that significantly affected the whole motorsport industry for almost two years, P1 made relevant investments to increase his manufacturing capability ensuring the highest possible quality standards. In the past year we purchased 1 printing machine and 4 embroidery machines and more will come soon so we can now say that all our products are completely made internally. Further investments are planned for the upcoming months to grant an high end service across the world.

Safety Is Our Goal

P1 source rough materials from first quality suppliers only as we do understand motorsport is challenging and dangerous and we’ve to provide greatest comfort, excellent breathability and best possible fire protection.




P1 Racewear Product Range

Sales Support

Call Aaron on +64 27 449 9654 or Rex +64 21 682 912 or get in touch via Facebook.

P1 FIA Gloves

We have FIA P1 gloves for all team members and drivers. These gloves have an updated grip and room to be customised if that is what you want for your team. 2 different pairs of FIA rated gloves on the market. We have our top quality P1 speed gloves for all our racers. P1 also offer our Apex gloves which are perfect for a rookies and crew members looking for a more affordable option.


P1 FIA Boots

P1 Boots are FIA approved. These boots come with an updated sole, breathable material and a stretch insert. These boots are designed for your comfort. We have 2 different kinds of boots offered. We offer Prima FIA boots aswell as Monza FIA boots.


P1 FIA Balaclava

P1 offer 2 different styles of P1 balaclava too suit whatever kind of racing you are doing as a driver. These are made out of a breathable fabric that is made to FIA standard.


P1 Racewear Bras

A-Bra is the ideal product to feel safe and comfortable. Specially designed for Women in Motorsport, to adapt and fit your body. Colourful seams give a more fashionable look. In compliance with ISO 15025 standard. SFI Approved

P1 Motorsport SFI Bra

P1 FIA Suits

Our P1 Suits are unique in have a range to suit every need shape, size and budget. We have suits that are off the shelve as well as custome suits too match your car and team. We have 4 kinds of suits that we supply, the club suit, the lap suit, the smart passion suit, and a junior suit.

P1 Club racing suit

P1 Racewear Suit Colours

Below is our available colours for our suit range.


P1 Racewear FIA Underwear

Underwear We have a range of P1 underwear including shirts and pants. They are all fireproof and yet again produced at FIA standard and made 100% in Italy

P1 Underwear pants FIA
P1 racing socks FIA

P1 Racewear Catalogue


Remember all P1 racegear is produced 100% in Italy making it some of the finest gear on the market.