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What Motorsport Helmet is Best For You?

Stilo ST5 F Carbon

Stilo, Roux or Schuberth? All great motorsport helmet brands are made to cater for the different needs of racers. This page will tell you all about which brand and type of helmet you should be purchasing to tick all your boxes.

Stilo ST5 F carbon

Stilo Motorsport Helmets

Why Stilo?

We stock a range of Stilo helmets for all different kinds of motorsport racing including rallies, circuits, karting, drifting, speedway, and speedboats.

Stilo helmets are made to be used with their communication systems and intercoms. This makes installing and using comms with the Stilo helmets super easy and convenient. The helmets already have great earmuffs installed in them with great isolation from external noises. The helmets with a Microphone have a Magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone. Supplied with spacers to move the microphone position closer to the driver’s mouth. There is also optional drinks integration for drivers racing in longer more hard enduring races.

Stilo offshore helmet
Stilo offshore helmet

If you are after a speedboat helmet, then Stilo is the range for you. We have a bright orange helmet already up to regulation. No need to go and get further paint work done causing a higher cost for your helmet.

How Stilo Helmet Naming Works

ST5R is the same as ST5F R The “R” stands for Rally which designates that the helmet is fitted with an ear cup and speakers, this is how 90% of Stilo helmets sold in New Zealand are. For true FIA-sanctioned circuit racing, you are not allowed speakers in the helmet.

MSNZ allow the use of “R” helmets for both Rally and Circuit. If you are racing internationally you cannot use a Rally helmet for circuit racing.

The difference between “F” has electronics fitted, and “FN” has no electronics and has no bump on the side of the helmet.

Roux Motorsport Helmet

Why Roux Helmets?

Roux helmets are a very versatile option and can be worked in whatever way suits your needs. They can come fully loaded with drink, radio, and water or they can come with nothing. This is the perfect option if you are wanting to customize the inside of your helmet. They are also super stylish helmets with great shapes and colour options. We love the matt black helmet that looks great out on track. You have again many visor options that can be brought and changed around depending on a driver’s needs.

Roux helmet adapter

These helmets have some of the most advanced safety options that are out on the market. This Release Equipped System has been specifically designed by racers, for racers, keeping your safety our number one priority. In the event of an emergency, this feature enables safety crews to remove your helmet, quickly and easily, without putting any stress on the neck, which could cause serious injuries.

We also do great packages with roux and HANS so if you are wanting to purchase both at the same time then this is defiantly the helmet for you.

Features of the Roux R-1 Carbon Helmet:

This video shows some of the amazing features of our Roux R-1 Carbon helmet.

Schuberth Motorsport Helmet

Why Schuberth helmets?

Schuberth 8860 racing helmet

We stock 2 top of the line Schuberth helmets. Schuberth helmets are some of the lightest helmets in the FIA market. Both of these helmets have amazing ventilation which is key in a hot cockpit. They both feed 14 litres of fresh air into the helmet per second. This is a key feature of the Schuberth helmets. Their visors have ultimate fog resistance built in and there are up to 12 different visors that can be purchased and swapped out for the original. They come with ready and easy-to-fit radios but also have a plug-and-play option that is ready to be installed if that is wanted with purchase. These helmets are at the top end of the market and if you are looking for a lightweight helmet with endless possibilities then this is the helmet for you!

Both of the Schuberth helmets we stock are made for car racing.

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