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Schuberth Helmets


What is Schuberth?

Schuberth is a renowned German company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality protective headgear. The company is particularly known for its expertise in creating innovative helmets, with a strong focus on safety, comfort, and performance. Schuberth produces helmets for a variety of applications, including motorcycle riding, motorsports, industrial safety, and fire and rescue services. With a commitment to advanced technology, rigorous testing, and attention to detail, Schuberth has established itself as a trusted brand among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Schuberth SP1 Carbon

The Schuberth SP1 Carbon Motorsport helmet combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional safety features, and a lightweight carbon fiber shell. Its aerodynamic design ensures stability at high speeds. Meeting stringent safety standards, it has a multi-density EPS foam lining for superior protection. The ventilation system regulates temperature, while the anti-fog coated adjustable visor provides clear visibility. The helmet can be equipped with a communication system for seamless integration with radios. The SP1 Carbon is a high-performance choice for motorsport professionals and enthusiasts, offering uncompromising protection and performance.

Schuberth SF4 FIA 8860 Carbon Helmet

The Schuberth SF4 FIA 8860 Carbon Helmet is an advance design for professional motorsport. It meets the rigorous FIA 8860 safety standard and features a lightweight carbon fiber shell for maximum protection and reduced weight. The multi-layered carbon composite construction and EPS foam lining absorb impact energy effectively. The helmet’s ventilation system ensures proper airflow, preventing overheating during races. The visor system provides clear visibility and is adjustable to suit individual preferences. The SF4 FIA 8860 Carbon Helmet is also compatible with communication systems, facilitating clear and seamless communication between racers and their teams. With its cutting-edge features and commitment to safety, Schuberth delivers a high-performance helmet that meets the demands of professional motorsport.

SCHUBERTH SK1 Carbon Kart Helmet (CMR 2016)

The SCHUBERTH SK1 Carbon Kart (CMR 2016) is a high-quality and lightweight helmet designed for young karting racers. It meets the stringent CMR 2016 safety standard and features a carbon fiber shell construction for strength and reduced weight. The multi-density EPS foam lining provides optimal impact protection. The helmet’s ventilation system ensures proper airflow and prevents overheating during races. The adjustable visor offers clear visibility and can be positioned according to preference. The SK1 Carbon Kart Helmet is a top choice for young karting enthusiasts, delivering safety, comfort, and performance on the track.

Schuberth Add Ons

There are plenty of add ons that you can purchase to improve the performance of your helmet to fit your specific needs. Below you can find all the extras you may want to purchase:

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