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Tely Ace Pilot ANR ANC Aviation Headset

Tely ACE ANR Pilot Headsets are fully crafted from lightweight, durable carbon fiber, ANR (Active Noise Reduction) Headsets come with Bluetooth. The best active noise reduction pilot headsets at budget prices, without loss of quality.

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Tely Ace ANR ANC Aviation Pilot Headset

It’s impressive to learn about your Tely ACE ANR Aviation Headsets. Firstly, crafting them from lightweight and durable carbon fiber is a notable advantage. It ensures durability while keeping them comfortable for pilots during long flights. The cups’ focus is on improving sound quality and optimizing noise-canceling, meaning a clear and comfortable ride. As a result, they make a great choice for aviation professionals.

The Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology is a valuable feature as it reduces ambient sound, enhancing the overall flying experience for pilots. The fact that this headsets offer ANR. At a budget-friendly price without decreasing quality makes them a great option for pilots looking for advanced features without breaking the bank.

Bluetooth is a practical addition, meaning pilots can make phone calls or listen to music when they want. This aspect adds to the versatility and modernity of your headsets.

The Tely ACE ANR Aviation Headsets’ unique traits: Such as the ratcheting boom and reversible boom, provide extra convenience and flexibility for pilots to adjust the headsets according to their preferences and comfort.

Tely active noise reduction ANR ANC Aviation Pilot Headset

The lightweight nature of these headsets, at only 9 ounces, is a significant advantage for pilots during longer flights, as it reduces fatigue and ensures a comfortable experience throughout.

Considering the combination of lightweight carbon fiber construction, advanced active noise reduction, Bluetooth, and unique design features, your Tely ACE ANR Aviation Headsets seem to be an excellent option for aviation professionals, to have great performance and comfort during their flights.

Moreover, they come with adapters for all panels and a mounting bracket for the controller. Furthermore, you can plug the controller into an external power source, and the cable is in the package. Lastly, the headsets feature an audio input and include the necessary cable. Thanks to these remarkable traits, Tely ACE ANR Aviation Headsets are a top choice for pilots seeking a superior aviation headset experience.
Overall, Tely Ace ANR Aviation Headsets offer a superior flying experience by combining advanced noise reduction technology with comfort. And safe communication, making them a popular choice among pilots seeking high-quality aviation headsets.
These have a 5 year warranty.

In the box are:

  1. Tely ACE ANR Active Noise Reduction Pilot Headset
  2. Batteries
  3. Ink Pen
  4. Flashlight
  5. Protective Case (to store and carry the headset)
  6. GA Adapter (for General Aviation aircraft)
  7. Helicopter Single Adapter (for helicopter use)
  8. Lemo 6 Pin Adapter (for specific aircraft models using Lemo connectors)
  9. Bracket for Mounting Controls (to attach the headset controls)
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