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  • The Stilo Zylon Visor protection is an FIA requirement for F1, F2 and F3 Racing
  • Adds tremendous strength to the upper edge of the opening in open-top cars
  • Needs to be purchased with a visor option and fitted at the Stilo Factory
  • There will be a lead time for this item once ordered
  • Price on application But likely to be around 380Euro.
  • Stilo Zylon Visor Protection Strip

    This is an FIA mandatory requirement for drivers in Formula 1, F2 and F3.

    The Zylon helmet visor strip was introduced to dramatically increase the strength of the shell immediately above the visor opening, this following on after the impact received by Felippe Massa from a stray part off the track. Made from a virtually indestructible material, Zylon is used for bulletproof applications and is ideal for its use with a helmet as it is relatively lightweight for the protection it offers.

    The Stilo part is available for both the ST5 and ST4 models and has to be ordered to fit the correct size shell and helmet size.

    PLEASE NOTE: This part has to be purchased with a visor that can be chosen before checkout. It must be supplied with a visor – this is an FIA requirement.

    This is not a stock item and may have to be ordered directly from the factory as required.

    All official Zylon visor strips are coded and stamped for confirmation of its authentication.

    The part required against helmet size and model:
    ST5 – XS, S, M, L = ST5 Small Shell
    ST5 – XL, XXL = ST5 Large Shell

    ST4 – XS, S, M = ST4 Small Shell
    ST4 – L. XL, XXL = ST4 Large Shell

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