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Stilo WRC Venti Composite

The WRC Venti Composite helmet is homologated to the FIA minimum standard of FIA8859-15 and Snell SA2020 coming in this sleek glossy finish it is destined to be the most popular composite rally helmet in the range, like the previous Des model. Available in Silver, Black and White.

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The Stilo WRC Venti Composite helmet is a celebration of 20 years since the launch of Stilo’s iconic WRC helmet with its fixed microphone boom. This updated version features a design change to further improve on the world’s most popular rally helmet. The WRC Venti Composite helmet has successfully met and exceeded the stringent safety standards set by the FIA for FIA8859-15 and Snell for SA2020. This confirms that the helmet is compliant with the highest safety requirements mandated for motorsports, ensuring the utmost protection for the wearer during competitions.

One notable change in the WRC Venti Composite helmet is the sleek glossy finish, which gives it a modern and stylish look. Available in Silver, Black, and White, this helmet is designed to catch the eye and make a statement on the rally stages.

The composite construction of the helmet makes it lightweight and durable, allowing for maximum comfort and protection during long racing sessions. The fixed microphone boom, a hallmark feature of Stilo’s WRC helmets, ensures clear communication between the driver and co-driver, making it an essential tool for rallying.

The Stilo WRC Venti Composite helmet builds on the success of the previous Stilo WRC Des model helmet, which has been widely popular among rally drivers for its outstanding performance and reliability. With its updated design and improved features, the WRC Venti Composite helmet is set to become the most sought-after composite rally helmet in the Stilo range.

Whether you’re a professional rally driver or a passionate amateur, the Stilo WRC Venti Composite helmet is a top choice for those who demand the best in safety, comfort, and style. Celebrate 20 years of Stilo’s iconic WRC helmet with the WRC Venti Composite helmet and experience the thrill of rallying with confidence and flair.

The redesigned boom of the Venti model serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it is designed to deflect loud in-car sounds that are generated in modern rally cars, resulting in improved clarity of sound for the crew. Additionally, the new boom allows for easier adjustment of the microphone to a position closer to the mouth, further enhancing the clarity of sound by cutting out noisy background sounds. The peak of the helmet has also been redesigned to deliver a sharper and more aggressive look while maintaining a sleek overall appearance. Furthermore, the shape of the shell has been changed to give a slightly more angular appearance, adding strength to the helmet.

Similar to the Des version, the Venti model comes with M61 HANS posts fitted as standard for the connection of a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) device. The interior of the helmet is designed to provide the most comfortable fit and can be modified to have a bespoke fit if required, with the option to contact Harris Race Radios for further assistance.

The WRC electronics fitted in the Venti model remain unchanged from the older Des model, as they were unable to improve upon the existing technology, which highlights the benefits of these electronics in harsh working environments such as rallying. One notable change is the new comm port plug, which is now inset into the helmet further, allowing the main body of the intercom plug to fit inside the port itself. This offers more stability and protects the intercom cable, and it has been designed specifically for use with the new DG Wireless intercom helmet key. This modification allows the body of the wireless intercom key to be positioned further forward to give clearance from the HANS posts and the tether of the FHR device when used in competition.

give us a call at Harris Race Radios.


The WRC Venti Composite Size ranges from XS (54) to XXXL (64).

All in all, the WRC Venti has improvements that will keep this helmet as the top choice of the world’s rally drivers, and it looks making it the best-looking open face helmet on the market.

Homologations: FIA8859-15 and Snell SA 2020

Stilo WRC Venti Composite WRC Rally helmet

Stilo Trophy Plus Venti – Composite open face Helmet

Stilo VENTI WRC & DiGi Wireless Intercom System

Helmet size

54 (Special order), 55 (special order), 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64


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Stilo Venti composite silver helmet

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