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Stilo WRC Venti 8860 Rally Helmet

The Stilo WRC Venti 8860 is homologated to the FIA’s highest standard of FIA8860-18 allowing this helmet to be used in all premiere championships, and in addition, it also has Snell SA2020 homologation. Coming in its stunning Carbon finish it is destined to be the most popular WRC carbon rally helmet in the range, like the previous Des model.


  • NEW Stilo WRC Venti 8860 Rally Helmet for 2021
  • FIA8860-18 and Snell SA2020 Homologation
  • New design for a modern look, offering performance benefits
  • New comm port for the benefit of the new DG WL-10 Wireless intercom Key
  • New Puro carbon shell technology, saving weight.
  • Sizes available: XS to XXL+
  • Pre-order only

On the exterior, the boom has been redesigned, and not just an ascetic change, but designed to deflect the loud in-car sounds that are generated in modern rally cars and in turn improves the clarity of sound for the crew, In addition, the new boom allows the microphone to adjust far easier to a position closer to your mouth, which further improves the clarity of sound by cutting out noisy background sounds. A redesigned peak delivers a sharper and more aggressive look but being sleeker overall. The shape of the shell has also changed to give a slightly more angular appearance, but in turn, adds strength to the shell.

All the shells for their carbon helmets are now manufactured in Stilo’s own carbon manufacturing facility, this factory bought to allow further developments to remove weight and add strength, and by keeping these technological improvements very much in-house its keeps their secrets safe and benefit the long term future of the brand. One new development in the Venti’s construction is Pluro technology, this allows the shells to be built up straight out of the mould, as the shells do-not require any lacquer to give the shell a smooth gloss finish, this ultimately means more weight saving for the wearer making it safer in an accident situation.

As with the Des version, the Venti model comes with M61 HANS posts fitted as standard for the connection of your FHR device. The interior delivers the most comfortable fit and can be modified to have a bespoke fit should it be required, this is something that has to be done at Harris Race Radios which can be arranged on making an appointment.

The fitted WRC electronics are unchanged from the previous model, unchanged for no other reason as they were unable to improve what they have currently, which further confirms the benefits these electronics have in such a harsh working environment. One other change is the new comm port plug, this is now inset into the helmet a bit further, and allows the main body of the intercom plug to fit inside the port itself. This offers more stability and protects your intercom cable, but has been mainly designed for use with the new Stilo DG WL-10 Wireless intercom helmet key. It has been modified like this to move the body of the new wireless intercom key further forward to give clearance from the HANS posts and the tether of your FHR device when used in competition.

All in all, the WRC Venti has improvements that will keep this helmet as the top choice of the world’s rally drivers, and it looks making it the best-looking open face helmet on the market.

Stock: Please note that the Venti helmets are currently in build at the Stilo factory with delivery expected in June 2021. As the first run of helmets is expected to be small, sales of these helmets will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

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Homologations: FIA8860-18 and Snell SA 2020

Sizes Available: Small Shell – XS, S, M and L, Large Shell – XL, XXL and XXL+

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Stilo WRC Venti Carbon Rally Helmet


Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 37 × 30 cm

55, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64

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Stilo WRC Vinti carbon rally Helmet

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