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This Stilo WRC 03 intercom is fitted with Stilo’s top of the range WRC electronics and is designed for use with the Trophy Plus helmet and all of the WRC and ST5 Rally helmet range, and also with the WRC headsets. The WRC electronics in these products are matched to complement each other and further enhance the sound and clarity advantage that Stilo has over any other brand.

The unit is designed to run off a 9-volt battery as standard but there is a car adaptor which available as an extra, to allow a permanent feed from the cars power supply, this part being YB0100 – 12v Intercom Adapter.

It has individual volume controls for both driver and co-driver, and an automatic on/off power switch which operates when the co-driver has connected/disconnected his helmet plug. The green led light on the front of the unit illuminates when the intercom is operational.

This intercom comes with an output connector to allow you to connect your own video camera and record the conversation between driver and co-driver. Owing to the quality and the sensitivity of our electronics the use of our booster cable may be required to allow the camera to pick up the communications between driver and co-driver.

Stilo WRC 03 Intercom unit designed to be installed on the roll bar.

Features an automatic On/Off switch controlled through co-driver plug connection, no more starting races disconnected. Individual volume adjustment. 9 volts power supply standard. 12 volts available as option. Exclusive Stilo cable for fastening safety belts. Camera or radio connection.

Note this intercom is designed to work with Stilo WRC Helmets and Stilo Trophy Plus Helmets.

This intercom will not work with Stilo Trophy Rally helmets.

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