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Stilo Venti key DG WL-10 Wireless Helmet system is designed for connectivity with the new DG WL-10 Wireless intercom. Once charged you can plug this into the intercom port of the new Venti WRC helmet and pair it to the new WL-10 intercom for complete wireless connectivity in the car. On a full charge, the key has power for 5 hours of talk time.

Item comes with a USB charging lead.

NZ USB charger Sold separately .


  • New Stilo Venti Wireless Helmet  Key for the Stilo DG WL-10 Intercom
  • Designed for use with the new WRC Venti helmet
  • 5 hours of talk time from a full charge
  • Simply pair the key with the DG WL-10 intercom
  • Comes with a USB charge lead

This simple but essential object, combined with the a new and completely digital intercom named DiGi Wireless, allows the crew to be connected at all times, even when it is necessary to get out of the car due to an incident or to perform quick fixes to the car during the stages. This is a ground-breaking innovation that allows continuous flow of information between driver and co-driver and with the service park team.

On top of this, there is no more need for cable connections which improves the life within the cockpit, while bringing communication to unprecedented levels.


The Stilo Wireless Technology is combined with a crash helmet, the VENTI WRC, that has specifically been designed around this technology to meet the needs of drivers and co-drivers, not only supporting their performance and comfort, but also meeting the highest safety standards. Designed to adapt to every driver with as small a shell as possible, the VENTI WRC also introduced a new microphone holder slimmer to improve visibility and featuring a new design in its frontal area to deviate the external noise and improve the input audio signal.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 37 × 30 cm

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Stilo Wirles Key

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