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ST5 – Short Visors

A range of optional short visors designed to fit all Stilo ST5 and ST5R helmets offering additional protection from the glaring sunlight. Ideal for use in enclosed cockpit cars where a full visor isn’t wanted or required. No extras are needed as the short visor uses the existing pivot screws. Available in a range of colours.

Stilo Short Visor (ST5) Red Iridium YA0837

  • Iridium Yellow Dark Tint (YA0838)
  • Iridium Blue Dark Tint (YA0836)
  • Iridium Red Dark Tint (YA0837)
  • Mirror Dark Tint (YA0854)

Stilo Visors

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Stilo ST5 Short Visor

The ST5 Short Visor range are available for fitment on the entire Stilo ST5 and ST5R helmet range.

Designed for all saloon/GT cars and rally car helmets they are designed for a shorter visor allowing more advertising space for sponsors but also allowing it to be used a visor for looking through. As this visor stops 5mm short of the lower sealing rubber when fully closed, it means that these are not suitable for open-top car racing or for karting.

While available in a selection of colours they all have a dark tint.

Available in four colour options: Blue Iridium Dark – YA0836 | Red Iridium Dark – YA0837 | Yellow Iridium Dark – YA0838 | Mirror Dark – YA0854

Full Stilo ST5 Helmet Range Guide


Dark Smoke, Iridium Yellow Dark Tint, Iridium Blue Dark Tint, Iridium Red Dark Tint, Mirror Dark Tint

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Stilo ST5 Short Visors
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