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We offer direct replacement full visor anti-fog and anti-scratch visors designed to fit Stilo ST5 helmets. These visors are available in a variety of tints and colours to accommodate all weather conditions. For wet races, double-glazed visors are recommended as their two-layer construction creates an airtight chamber between the panes, effectively preventing fogging, Peak kits available.

Stilo ST5 Full Visor and peak kits available.

When purchasing a Stilo ST5 Visor, you will receive a protective Stilo visor soft bag.

As an authorized dealer in New Zealand, and Australasia we provide genuine FIA-approved Stilo products at Harris Race Radios.

Stilo ST5 Short Visors


YA0800 clear, YA0800 Medium smoked, YA0802 Dark Smoked, YA0803 Medium Mirror, YA0804 Dark Mirror, YA0805 Medium Iridium Blue, YA0806 Dark Iridium Blue, YA0807 Med Iridium Red, YA0808 Dark Iridium Red, YA0809 Med Iridium Yellow, YA0810 Dark Iridium Yellow, YA0813 Amber, YA0814 Double Glazed, YA0815 Yellow Rain

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Adam Groome — verified owner
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Scott — verified owner

Great to look through, and great to look at. Really improves the look of the helmet. Easy to fit requiring only an allen key.

Stilo ST5 visors

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