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This WRC intercom wiring kit with earmuffs allows you to fit the superior Stilo electronics into any open or full face non Stilo helmet.

It can also be used to upgrade your Trophy Rally or Trophy Jet helmet to a Trophy Plus with this kit.

The padded earmuffs give greatly increased sound proofing against the excessive noises of a rally car.

These kits allow you to retrofit Stilo electronics to other brands of helmets. They are designed for people interested in interfacing with Stilo electronics that your co-driver/navigator is using.

These kits feature the passive noise reducing earmuffs with loudspeakers pre-installed, as well as a magnetic-dynamic microphone. One kit is for Open face helmets, which has a boom for the microphone that must be riveted to your helmet. The other kit is designed for full-face helmets which will require you to mount the microphone to the inside of the chin bar of your helmet.

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