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The Stand21 HANS® Ultimate is one of the newest and lightest HANS® device to date and is currently used by many F1 drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa. Exceptional ergonomics, geometrics and a lighter weight all combine to give you, the driver, the very best that money can buy.

Using all of their 10 years expertise in HANS® design and engineering, taking over two years in development, the HANS® Ultimate weighs in at less than 500 grams (600g including padding and tethers), a full 100 grams lighter than the current top-level device. The all-carbon bodies of these models combine an exclusive resin-transfer technology (RTM process) with a UD monolithic section. That refined monolithic technology has allowed a new design for the unit’s arms. Their thickness is greatly reduced (4mm V’s 14mm for current models) as well as their footprint to improve the fit between driver and harness.

The arched top has been re-engineered and re-designed in its whole, offering a reduction of its physical thickness to below 2mm, allowing a reduction of helmet-to-seat (or headrest) space to improve safety.

The HANS® Ultimate is supplied with black padding and sliding tethers allowing for greater head motion. HANS® clips / posts are not included but are available separately.

FIA 8858-2010 approved.

Available in the following angles

  • 20º recline suitable for most saloons, GT’s and rally cars or other applications with more upright seating positions
  • 30º recline suitable for most single seater, formula cars and sports prototypes

and sizes,

  • Medium: Neck circumference between 38 and 45.5 cm (15 to 18“)
  • Large: Neck circumference over 45.5 cm (18”)

Weight : Under 600g including padding and tethers.

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