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This one-way speedway receiver is legal in New Zealand and is approved by Speedway New Zealand for use on their private channel. This package includes the receiver, a holder, and earbuds.

The one-way devices are designed to run on two 1.5V dry cell AAA size batteries. (Note that rechargeable batteries cannot be used.)

The receiver must be clipped to clothing, as permanent mounting to a vehicle will result in premature failure.

This Speedway NZ-approved device is pre-programmed on SNZ 455.05625.

This is the most powerful one-way receiver available, and it is louder and clearer than other devices.


How to Program One Way Receiver

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Anthony B. — verified owner

My daughter was good to go thanks guys. A friend borrowed it and lost out on the track somewhere 😂

Brian — verified owner

I called Aaron to get advice on what radio to buy. He was helpful and friendly. Sent me the link for what I needed and I ordered it straight away. Very quick delivery. Happy with the service and product.

Matt Greene — verified owner
Dee Cleaver — verified owner
Hayley Mcclymont — verified owner
Shaun Eichler — verified owner
Karl — verified owner
PHILL POWELL — verified owner
Aaron H. — verified owner
James W. — verified owner
RAY JURY — verified owner

Good price

Anonymous — verified owner
paulette clark — verified owner
Philip Saunders — verified owner

Great product .

Receiver speedway oneway one way.
Speedway One Way Receiver With Earbuds

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Receiver speedway oneway one way.

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