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TELY SOLO Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) noise canceling pilots Headsets offer 100% Carbon Construction, making them one of the lightest models on the market. They feature a unique ear cup push-to-talk switch. It’s no longer necessary to put your hands on the controls to key the microphone,  The TELY PNR Headsets feature an ear cup push-to-talk button, making it easier than ever to contact ATC—even for instructors, who can conveniently communicate with ATC from the pilot’s seat, with no need to take control of the yoke.  Additionally, there are separate volume controls for left and right ear cups, and the headset is Mono/Stereo switchable. The microphone boom is reversible allowing you to place the microphone on either left or right side. Leather Ear Seals provide added comfort, and a 3-Year warranty gives you peace of mind that this headset is backed by a quality company. Move up in the world of communications and convenience with a Tely headset.

The Tely SOLO pilots featherweight headset with a completely reversible mic design, is add to the flexibility of this versatile pilot’s tool.

Also available Tely ACE ANR Pilot headsets and Rugged Aviation headsets.


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PNR Carbon fiber solo headset

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