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The SHR FLEX from Schroth features a unique design in order to accommodate all types of race car seat reclines. Manufactured from high strength carbon reinforced material, the SHR Flex FHR Device has been designed to provide superior levels of comfort and protection.

  • Adjustable recline to suit various seating positions
  • Ideal for drivers of different types of car
  • New ‘Twist Anchor’ fastening system, easier to clip and unclip

The device angle is able to be adjusted to suit everything from the more upright seating positions of saloon and GT cars, to laid back single seaters, making it the ideal choice for drivers with more than one type of car. In the event of an impact, the SHR Flex features a load controlling bump stop on each leg which helps to make the initial loading on the tether smoother alongside creating the correct angle for the collar. The tethers themselves are floating to enable a free range of movement from left to right while also providing some extra side support.

In terms of comfort, the SHR Flex has done away with the conventional gel pads underneath the legs of the device in favour of moulded in padding. This is to provide a more solid feel between the device and the harness without any movement. The wings of the SHR Flex feature a belt retention system to prevent the harness shoulder straps from sliding off the side. Further to this the device is equipped with Schroth’s patented Slip-Stop system on the lower legs to assist in belt retention for off-road and rally sport competitors, and during secondary impacts.

The SHR Flex is supplied complete with specific SHR Flex Helmet Hardware (helmet fixing posts).

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • Medium – Up to 16.5″ (42cm) collar size
  • Large – Above 16.5″ (42cm) collar size

The SHR Flex is SFI 38.1 approved only.

Weight 850g

Important note: The FHR device is supplied with a pair of helmet clips (posts). These MUST be fitted to your helmet to allow the correct fitment of the FHR device. The FHR device WILL NOT connect to other types of helmet clip.

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Schroth SCH Flex FRH

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