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This low profile UHF & CB Stealth Antenna is an ideal solution for your offroad digital UHF CB and UHF mobile radio arial. Its small size won’t catch on brush and low branches, making it perfect for trail rides. Or drifting where long range is not needed.

• Only 3.25″ tall
• NMO mount
• Can be used with or without a ground plane.
• 450-480 MHz / 2.0 dBi Gain

Offroad UHF CB Antenna arial

Max power 100W


Note: This Non Ground Plane Stealth antenna was designed for applications where a metal ground plane (such as a steel or aluminum) is not available.  This design makes it perfect for mounting on a roll bar, fabricated tab, and other similar mounts.  It will also work well on non-metallic roofs such as plastic or fiberglass.  No need for ground plane applications such as a steel or aluminum roof.

Harris Motorsport Aerial & Antenna

1/2 Wave No Ground Plane (Ngp) Antenna Whip (VHF 144-174 Mhz)


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