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The Rugged Radios UHF Antenna 400 to 480MHz optimizes your UHF CB radio by delivering the best signal performance throughout the programmed channels, this is one of the best offroad aerials.

Measuring a total of only 14.5″, the POINT5 antenna packs big performance in a small size. Functions on any frequency between 406-480MHz, including Australasian UHF CB.

Molded high heat ABS mounting base features silver soldered connections, gold plated push pin contacts and o-ring.

For optimal performance, we recommend a ground plane surface mounting such as a metal roof, which aids in signal performance. Offroad  Antenna.

Please refer to our Tech Installation Guide for proper antenna placement, preparing the surface area, and installation.

Rugged Antenna Installation. – Harris Race Radios


Rugged Radios

Motorsport UHF Arial


NIMO Antenna base

NIMO Antenna Base

BNC connector
BNC connector
VHF connector

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GMRS and UHF No Ground Plane NGP Tuned Whip Antenna

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