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Affordable communications with the 364 Super Sport Kit. Super Sport cabling combined with the popular 364-BTC intercom delivers clear, reliable, and affordable in-car communications. Perfect for two people and easily expandable to four, the Super Sport Kit will keep everyone connected.

Key Features:
• Talk between passengers
• Stream music & make phone calls via Bluetooth
• Includes 2 Super Sport helmet kits (expandable)
• Super Sport cabling

Stream music, talk to your passenger, and enjoy the ride! Easy to install, easy to use intercom.

The Rugged 364 Super Sport Intercom kit allows seamless conversation between driver and passenger. Simply turn on, adjust the volume and start talking. Add your favorite music by easily pairing your phone to the latest in Bluetooth 5.0, high-fidelity technology. Enjoy your music as much as you’re enjoying the ride.

The new Super Sport cabling features a lightweight design for simplified installation. The press-fit 3.5mm connectors provide tight, secure, and waterproof headset connections with a crisp, snap-lock design. A fiber weave abrasion resistant shield keeps the cable light and durable. One cable provides two connections to Super Sport helmet kits.

With the new Super Sport cabling, you can easily expand a single headset/helmet kit port into two, making the 364 Super Sport kit a four-place kit.

Experience incredible audio with Bluetooth 5.0 and support for aptX. Hear your GPS navigation and never miss a turn on the trail.

Connect your smart phone and make and receive phone calls with the best in clear communication.

The new simplified Super Sport cabling provides two headset or helmet kit connections from one port on the back of the intercom. Installation is easy!

Built-in PTT (push-to-talk) buttons on the 364 intercom means no additional PTT cables are required. After you connect an optional two-way radio, simply press the PTT button on the intercom to talk vehicle-to-vehicle. All in-car passenger conversations are hands-free.

Kit Features:

  • Instant, Hands-Free, Clear Conversation
  • True High-Fidelity Music
  • Rugged Snap-Lock 3.5mm Connectors
  • Premium Fiber-Weave, Lightweight Cabling
  • Easy to Reach PTT’s
  • Quick-Install Helmet Kits
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and supports aptX
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • 2-way radio ready

Kit Includes:

  • RRP364-BTC Intercom
  • (1) Super Sport two-position intercom cable
  • (2) Super Sport helmet kits

The Rugged 364 Super Sport Intercom upgrades your ride and your conversation out on the trail. Have fun, be safe, and communicate!

note: external push-to-talk (PTT) buttons not available for this unit. Use the built-in PTT buttons with your two-way radio.

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Rugged 364 sport series intercom system
Rugged Affordable Super Sport 364 Communication Intercom System with Helmet Kits

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Rugged 364 sport series intercom system

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