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The Roux Rugged Helmet offroad dust Skirt is designed to to provide protection while keeping sand and dirt out of your full face helmet. Includes an adhesive strip of velcro to make installation and removal fast and easy. This lightweight helmet skirt fits most pumper style helmets top or side air, and does not interfere with side air inlets.

Lightweight material allows for fresh air ventilation while blocking out the harsh sands of the desert or dunes.

Developed for racing, material is fire retardant. SFI rated.

Note Roux helmet is not included

Roux Helmets Australasia 

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RICKY MAY — verified owner
Roux Rugged helmet offroad dust Skirt
Roux Rugged Velcro Offroad Helmet Dust Skirt

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Roux Rugged helmet offroad dust Skirt

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