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This is package that includes a Roux Speedway helmet with speakers and a one way receiver.

The R-1 Roux Speedway Helmet is specially built by ROUX for Speedway. This package is a Fiberglass helmet that is SNELL 2020 rated, fitted with speakers and a 600 mm coil cord to Harris one way Speedway Receiver. This enables easy connection of a one way receiver with properly mounted internal speakers for Stockcar super sprint and mini stock helmets. Roux Helmets gives you better comfort and clearer sound, It also includes factory installed HANS anchor threaded backing plates, allowing for optional HANS posts, Simpson Hybrid or Nexgen posts. Also fitted is our RELEASE emergency helmet removal system preventing neck injuries. If you are racing New Zealand Speedway the Roux Speedway helmet is the one for you.

Helmet Details :

Roux R-1 SA2015 Helmet Details:

  • Manufacturer: Roux
  • Manufacturer part number: RXHR1-SPEEDWAY
  • Rating: Snell SA2020
  • Sizes: Small – 2X-Large
  • Color: Matt Black
  • Shell Material: Fiberglass
  • Specially designed for Speedway.
  • Hans post anchors included: OPTIONAL EXTRA
  • Shield included: Clear, Tear off posts fitted.
  • Integrated Helmet Speakers 3.5mm fitted.
  • Hydration: Optional Extra.
  • Forced Air: Optional Extra.
  • New Zealand Speedway Helmet design
  • Internal Patent pending helmet release system.

Roux Helmets

Roux Helmets NZ

Receiver Details :

Press CH+ or CH- until 455.05625 is on the screen, that is the correct frequency for Speedway NZ

One Way Blue Harris race radios receiver Stock car stockcar helmets

Checking and programing New Blue One-Way HRR receiver Speedway Helmet Stockcar:

This little blue HRR receiver will receive all frequencies 440 to 480Mhz band

Speedway NZ and Western Springs, others Etc.

SNZ 455.05625  CTCSS 123Hz

Turn your receiver on and check that it receives the frequencies you want before you go to the track.

For best results fit fresh batteries 2 x AAA every meeting.

To turn on the Receiver hold down on/off button until receiver turns on.

To Turn off the receiver hold down on/off button until receiver turns off.

Check that the Frequency is the one that you are after SNZ 455.05625

If it is not what you want use the CH- or CH+ to get the frequency you are after.

If you can not achieve the exact frequency you are after, use the following to set up the channel spacing’s.

Speedway Receiver & Motorsport One Way

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions37 × 30 × 31 cm

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Roux helmet with 3.5mm jack for speedway receivers.
Roux R-1F Helmet And Harris One Way Receiver With Helmet Speakers

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Roux helmet with 3.5mm jack for speedway receivers.

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