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Roux R-1 is a Roux composite silver helmet with a black interior made out of a composite material. This helmet is designed to look good while keeping you safe.


R-1 Composite Silver Helmet

Color: Silver

Size: Choose a Size

Additional Options: Clear/Dark Smoke Shield

Manufacturer: Roux

Part Number: RXHR1FK-15G45


Roux, RXHR1FK-15G45

The R-1 helmet is a Roux silver composite helmet with black interior color, made of composite material.


Roux, RXHR1FK-15G45

•Roux’s CoolX water cooling system

•Integrated radio communications

•Water drinking tube

•Patent pending helmet release system

•Built of Kevlar and fiberglass composite.


Roux, RXHR1FK-15G45

Family: R-1

Material: Composite

FIA: 8859

Snell: 2015

Helmet Color: Silver

Interior Color: Black

Helmet Shield: Clear/Dark Smoke

Hans Anchor Port: Yes

Radio/Speaker Harris Plug: Yes

Drink Tube: Yes

CoolXWater Cooling: Yes

Helmet Release System: Yes



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Roux Helmets 

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 30 × 31 cm

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