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The reusable Velcro cable tie! Our R-Wrap holds tight, and is easy to reuse and reposition. No more pinching, crimping, or over-tightening critical communications cables – commonly associated with zip ties.

These self-fastening hook and loop strips keep your cables secure, reduce potential damage, and make your cables accessible and serviceable. No need to cut and replace a zip tie when you need to service a cable. Simply unwrap and re-wrap again and again.

Perfect for your vehicle or toolbox. Keep your cables and accessories under control.

Includes (20) strips per pack.

Each Cable tie Wrap measures 11-1/2″ (30mm) long, 1/2″ (12mm) wide.

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Velcro cable ties
Reusable Velcro type Cable Tie

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Velcro cable ties

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