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This Rampage insulated drinks tube comes with a one way valve and hose is specially designed for the high-temperature environment of a race car. Designed to be used with the Ram Quick Change Driver Hydration System.

During long stints, the cockpit temperature can keep rising. That’s why this drink tubing comes with thick insulation to keep the flow of drinks going to the driver cooler.

Race cars generate high g-forces during cornering, braking and acceleration. It would be frustrating for the drink to not reach the driver when he needs it. That’s why there’s a one-way valve included to keep system primed and always ready to deliver the drink on demand.

The insulated drink tube is 3.2mm in diameter and 2.5m long. It comes with a short section of 6mm tube to go from a one way valve to the quick connect kit.

Ideal to use with Harris pull ring systems sold separately.

Pull Ring Radio System

Ram Spare Bottle And Lid


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Ram insulated hose

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