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New development Rampage Ramhydrate replacement hydration push to drink ramhydrate hydrate pump kit are here. These pumps kits have the same pressure but with more flow.

They have larger and stronger inlet and outlets and its motor is extremely reliable.

If you are still running a pre-2020 pump you’ll want to upgrade it now.

Included in the kit is a new one way valve to go just before your quick connection point, this new valve is designed to help increase flow and to stop any siphoning effect.

Also in the rampage replacement pump kit is a new fitting with increased inlet diameter and the pump comes with a new plug so you can easily pull the old ones out and fit the new kit.

These are the same pumps we supply to Sauber F1. So you know they are the goods.

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push to drink rampage ram hydration push to drink.
Rampage Hydrate Pump replacement kit

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push to drink rampage ram hydration push to drink.

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