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P1 Pro-R Custom Race Suit  P1 Racewear made in italy

100% Italian Designed and manufactured to the very latest requirements of drivers and FIA 8856-2018 standard safety the P1 custom Fireproof Racing Overall is the latest in their Top-range race suit. The P1 Pro-R racing suit encompasses a number of new updates for this stylish motorsport race suit.

P1 Fia FIA 8856-2018 standard

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Featuring a new evolution in epaulette design, a velcro belt, and stunning pattern design this suit is an excellent option for competitors in both race and rally looking to stand out in the crowd. The P1 Pro race car suit is customisable for a co-driver pocket on the lower leg which is an ideal touch for navigators and handy storage while out of the car in the paddock.

The Pro suit has a material weight of 315 gsm and consists of a 3 layer fabric sandwich, meaning it is an excellent balance of safety, breathability.

The cuffs are P1 Race Suit signature Euro cuffs for added comfort and functionality. This suit adheres to the latest FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard which means it can be used in the highest echelons of GT Racing and rallying. Ideal for all Pro drivers where standards have changed making FIA 8856-2018 a requirement for 2022 in racewear within WRC sanctioned FIA events. All this at a very affordable cost.

FIA 8856-2018 is the latest safety standard introduced by the FIA motorsports governing body, with a much increased fireproof capability, and now with a lifespan of 10 years. An expiry date for the suit is now sewn into the collar of the suit.

P1 2018 FIA P1 racewear

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