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FIA Approved Sticker P1 Racewear made in italy

P1 Race Suit Junior Description

P1 Race Suit Junior has produced a race suit for all your junior driver. Finally racing children have their own FIA suit at unbeatable price.

New fashionable design.

Second and third colour parts are made by quality aramidic fabric.

SFI approved on request.

SFI Sticker


  • Price from (ex VAT):249€
  • FIA rating:8856-2000 Approved
  • Sandwich Weight:415gr/m²
  • Layers:2 Layers
  • Sizes Available: Black/Orange/Silver: 135-145-155 Royal/Silver/Red: 135-145
  • Standard Colors: Black/Orange/Silver – Royal/Silver/Red
  • SKU: Black/Orange/Silver: AASJ9BE Royal/Silver/Red: AASJ9RS
  • Size Charts:Youth Sizing Chart

Black/Orange/Silver, Royal Blue/Silver/Red


135, 145, 155

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P1 J9 Junior race suit
P1 Race Suit – J9 Junior FIA
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P1 J9 Junior race suit

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