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P1 Racewear made in italy

The P1 Motorsport Bra is the ideal product to feel safe and comfortable. Specially designed for Women in Motorsport, to adapt and fit your body. Colourful seams give a more fashionable look. In compliance with ISO 15025 standard. SFI Approved


*Ideal for any kind of body

*Feel safe and comfortable.

*Fashonable coloured seams.

*SFI Approved

P1 Motorsport Bra Specifications

  • Layers:2 Layers
  • Sizes Available:S-L
  • Standard Colors:Silver/Fuchsia

Small, Med, Large

Why people love our products

High-quality, ethically sourced products at affordable prices

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P1 Motorsport SFI Bra
P1 Motorsport Bra
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P1 Motorsport SFI Bra

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