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Welcome to the MyLaps X2 Transponder holder/mount, the perfect accessory for securely installing your Car, Motorbike, MX, or Kart X2 Transponder onto your vehicle. With this holder, you can ensure that your transponder stays firmly in place, providing accurate timing data throughout your races.

This holder is specifically designed for the MyLaps X2 Transponder and not for the TR2 transponder. If you have already purchased the X2, you would have received a holder along with it. However, if you require additional holders, you can conveniently order them from this page.

Having a reliable and sturdy holder for your X2 Transponder is essential for a seamless racing experience. It guarantees that your transponder remains securely attached to your vehicle.

By investing in an extra X2 Transponder holder you have a backup option or the flexibility to install your device on multiple vehicles. This is particularly beneficial for racers who participate in various racing disciplines. Aswell as for those who may need to transfer their transponder between different vehicles.

We have designed our X2 Transponder holder with durability and functionality in mind. It ensures a snug fit for your transponder, preventing any movement or dislodgement during high-speed racing. The holder is easy to install and can be securely attached to various parts of your vehicle.

Benefits of this X2 Transponder holder:

  • Ensures secure installation of your MyLaps X2 Transponder onto your vehicle
  • Provides a firm and stable attachment, keeping the transponder in place
  • Enables accurate timing data throughout your races
  • Specifically designed for the MyLaps X2 Transponder
  • Additional holders available for purchase, offering flexibility and backup options
  • Ideal for racers participating in multiple racing disciplines
  • Allows easy transfer of the transponder between different vehicles
  • Designed with durability and functionality as top priorities
  • Snug fit prevents movement or dislodgement during high-speed racing
  • Easy installation and secure attachment to various parts of your vehicle


mylaps transponder X2

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MyLaps Transponder holder X2

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