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Introducing the groundbreaking Racer Driver ID system from Mylaps, a game-changer for motorsport endurance race car drivers. With this cutting-edge technology, commentators and timing systems can now automatically identify the driver behind the wheel, enhancing race analysis and viewer engagement. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with X2 mylaps, the Mylaps system revolutionizes the way driver information is captured and shared. Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your racing experience with the innovative Racer Driver ID system.

The MyLaps Brand:

Mylaps is a leading brand in the field of sports timing and race management solutions. With a rich history spanning several decades, Mylaps has established itself as a trusted and innovative provider of timing systems for a wide range of sports, including motorsports, cycling, running, and more. Their advanced technology and precise timing solutions have become synonymous with accuracy, reliability, and performance. From transponders and timing chips to software and data analysis tools, Mylaps offers comprehensive solutions that enhance the racing experience for athletes, organizers, and spectators alike. With a strong commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports timing, Mylaps continues to shape the future of competitive sports with their cutting-edge products and services.

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My Laps Driver ID

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