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Harris Race Radios Motorola Entry level Digital Motorsport Radio.

Get all the benefits of true Motorola motorsport digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life, at a cost-effective price.

The HRR5 is a simple to use, cost-effective portable digital two-way radio for Motorsport teams who want to remain connected. Compatible with the entire MOTOTRBO™ radio family, the
HRR5, operating on IP Site Connect systems, features superior audio quality, improved noise canceling algorithm (Trill Enhancement), exceptional coverage and long lasting battery and it has 32 channels.

The HRR5 provides improved audio, 40% longer battery life, and 2.1 spectral efficiency. It offers efficiency and interoperability for better workgroup collaboration.

Regardless of your needs, the HRR5 provides simple, reliable and cost-effective communication to help workgroups connect, coordinate and collaborate better. Improve your operation efficiency with simple-to-use voice communications perfect for your business.

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Motorola HRR5 Digital Radio

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