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The Memory Key stores data from your AiM MXL Pista/Pro, EvO 3, or EvO 4 data logger for download later, freeing the AiM data logger from having to connect directly to a computer. Huge 32MB memory extends the capabilities of your data logger and saves valuable time! Endurance racing: Give the team immediate access to critical data regarding the car, engine, and more without spending extra time in the pits. Simply assign a Memory Key to each driver on the team and change Memory Keys during driver changes. Data from the previous session can be downloaded while the next session is being driven. The Memory Key automatically opens a new test session when it is plugged in and ends the test when it is unplugged, making each session unique and easy to trace. Test days: Rotate two Memory Keys, swapping them while the crew is making adjustments. The crew can review the results of the last setup while the driver is testing the next setup. Club Racing: The Memory Key eliminates the need to have your computer at the car. Use the AiM CAN Extension Port (sold separately) to relocate the CAN port to a more convenient spot for quick and easy access.

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